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MicroFiber Plus®

Will not settle or compact, hypoallergenic which means no formaldehydes, dyes, or acrylics, will not absorb moisture, does not support molds, fire retardant and insect resistant.


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R-49 MicroFiber Plus® ATTIC INSULATION

MicroFiber Plus® Attic Insulation is our latest technology known for the most thermally efficient insulating products and said to be the best in the market.

MicroFiber Plus® Attic Insulation Key attributes include:

Non-toxic Hypo-allergenic
Does not support mold or mildew growth
Has very high ratio of insulation to weight.
Never mats

Also, the installation process is the cleanest in the business. We also create a sealed tunnel from door to attic access to prevent any trace of insulation from entering the rest of the home.

What makes Whole House Attic Insulation
different from others?

Insulation is material designed to prevent heat or sound from being transmitted from one area to another. It is used to keep heat and sound in and out of your home.

Properly installed insulation makes it less expensive to keep your home in the optimal comfort zone.

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Major Benefits of MicroFiber Plus® Attic Insulation


Nobody wants to deal with high monthly energy bills, so it makes sense to see at methods to cut them down. The leading reason for those high energy bills is commonly little to no insulation in your home. You may not be in the business to re-insulate your whole house, but concentrating on one area, like the attic, can help.


The difficulty you’re having might be less about the attic and more about the life of your heater and air conditioner. Attic insulation is super significant, but if the two biggest machines that deliver the warmth of your home are on their last posts, that’s a big dilemma.


Do you adjust the settings on your thermostat when you go to a nap or when you know you’re not going to be home? Indeed, if you’re not, it should be something you begin doing if you want to lower those monthly energy bills.


One of the main obstacles that all homeowners will encounter is with their indoor air quality. By analyzing more about it and how attic insulation can play a part in maintaining it cleaner, you can make better judgments concerning your home’s future.

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Whole House Attic Insulation

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